Let Chem-Tech install a fully automated misting system to take the worry out of going outdoors. We use a wide variety of materials for our misting systems that are botanical and are effective in eliminating mosquitoes and other biting or sting insects, including spiders, wasps and flies.


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The Mosquito Misting System

The system has a timer that, once set, turns it on for the prescribed number and duration of treatments each day. The timer is digital with a liquid crystal display and can be set to come on at the exact minute desired, either AM or PM.  The cycle duration can be set from 2 seconds to 2 minutes, although in practice a cycle is usually set between 30 seconds and 1 minute.  In addition, the timer has a 5 year battery backup, so it never loses the correct time or its programmed settings due to thunderstorm power outages.  The timer can be put in the "standby" mode indefinitely without affecting its settings.


Our dual function model gives you control of not only when the unit operates, but also for how long. Press the on button to start and the off button to stop. If the system is started automatically by the timer you can still stop it if desired by pressing the off button.