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The system is composed of a high-pressure, positive displacement pump driven by a 1/4 to 1/2 horse power electric motor, a 55 gallon reservoir, a no-flood motor bracket, a digital timer, and a network of specialty nozzles connected by durable 1/4 inch nylon tubing.  
Each of our nozzles is made of brass with stainless steel inserts and brass adaptors and is composed of several parts and incorporates a sintered bronze filter to prevent clogging and a check valve to insure a positive shut off. Inside the reservoir is a float switch which deactivates the motor when the tank is nearly empty to prevent damage to the pump. 


Typical System Layout
Typical System Layout
  • Typical System Layout
  • Nozzels Under The Eaves
  • Nozzels On The Eaves
  • Nozzles Under The Porch
  • Nozzles Under The Porch
  • Nozzels On The Deck
  • Nozzels Under The Gazebo
  • Nozzles On A Wood Fence
  • Nozzels On An Iron Fence

The nozzles and tubing are placed under the eaves of your home behind the fascia board where they are virtually impossible to see and can be painted to match the color of your home. In new construction the tubing is run in the soffits, totally out of sight, and the nozzles are mounted in the soffit using a paintable face plate. Nozzles are typically placed 10 to 15 feet apart depending on the location and amount of foot traffic. 
Our misting system is designed to create a very fine mist which kills flying insects. The device operates at high pressure which produces very fine droplets that hang in the air a long time to maximize its effect. The timer is usually set to turn on the pump about three times a day for 30 to 60 seconds each time. It typically operates in the early morning, at dusk, and late in the evening when mosquitoes are active and other insects are not.  
This system has other special features available as options. The pump and reservoir are typically placed indoors in a garage or shed. If a home owner prefers to locate it outside (for example with pool equipment) a cover is available. Two remote controls are available, a single function which turns the unit on so it can run for a preset cycle, and a dual function which gives the user control of not only when the unit runs, but also for how long it will run. This is an especially nice feature to have in an area where a home owner might entertain a lot. He can give the area an immediate treatment or if the system operates at a time when it is not desired he can simply press button #2 and it stops. In addition, our system can be connected to (and controlled by) some of the more sophisticated pool controls and home automation systems available today. 
The system is ideal for use around homes, pools, patios, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, restaurants, horse barns, dairies and commercial facilities. The system plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet and requires no special plumbing. All systems are custom designed to insure efficiency for each home and its particular characteristics and professionally installed by our trained crews. The company general manager personally inspects every installation to insure quality. 
There are several ways that a person may obtain a tank refill. The first is to simply call us when your tank is empty and we will come out and fill it. Another is to subscribe to our Auto fill program where we will schedule in advance (based on the number of nozzles in your system and the timer settings) a time to come out and measure the amount of liquid in your tank and "top it off" before it becomes empty and charge you for only the amount used.  You can also buy the chemicals from us to fill the tank yourself.

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