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Automatic Mosquito Ban Systems

 Q: What is meant by automatic?

A: The system has a timer that once set turns it on for the prescribed number and duration of treatments each day. The timer is digital with a liquid crystal display and can be set to come on at the exact minute desired, either AM or PM.  The cycle duration can be set from 2 seconds to 2 minutes, although in practice a cycle is usually set between 30 seconds and 1 minute.  In addition, the timer has a 5 year battery backup, so it never loses the correct time or its programmed settings due to thunderstorm power outages.  The timer can be put in the "standby" mode indefinitely without affecting its settings.

Automatic Mosquito Ban Systems Q: What kind of warranty do mosquito misting systems offer?

A: Each unit is covered by a full 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Simply give us a call during that period and we will repair or replace any broken parts completely free of charge.

Automatic Mosquito Ban Systems Q: How do I use the optional remote control?

A: Whenever you feel that an additional treatment is necessary simply press the button (the "on" button on a dual function model). After one of Houston's big rains when the mosquito population blooms or just before you have guests over is a good time to do this. Our dual function model gives you control of not only when the unit operates, but also for how long. Press the on button to start and the off button to stop. If the system is started automatically by the timer you can still stop it if desired by pressing the off button.

Automatic Mosquito Ban Systems Q: What kind of maintenance is required?

A: Very little maintenance is required of the unit. When the tank is refilled, the screen intake filter should be rinsed out to prevent foreign material entering the lines and clogging the nozzles. Once a year the tank should be cleaned out to prevent buildup of algae. Our insecticides contain no anti-fungal material or other such foreign materials.

Automatic Mosquito Ban Systems Q: How long before I have to refill the tank?

A: The amount of time that a tank will last is determined by how many nozzles are present in the system, the number of cycles per day and the duration of each cycle. We provide our customers with a chart showing exactly how long their system will run before requiring a refill. As an example though, a system with 30 nozzles running 3 times a day for 30 seconds should last roughly 90 days.

Automatic Mosquito Ban Systems Q: How often should the unit run and for how long?

A: Generally a unit will be set to run 3 to 4 times per day for 30 to 45 seconds, but conditions do vary. We advise customers to start with a particular setting and then adjust from there until the desired effectiveness is achieved.

Automatic Mosquito Ban Systems Q: How do I know when to get my tank refilled?

A: When your tank is nearly empty the float switch in your tank will de-activate the pump motor in your system and turn on a light located on the front of the timer enclosure.  When this happens your timer will not start a cycle. In addition, if you have a remote controlled unit you can check weekly by pressing the "on" button and if the system does not operate, the tank is empty.

Automatic Mosquito Ban Systems Q: How do get my tank refilled?

A: There are several ways to do this. Since we are a licensed pest control applicator, we can come to your home and service your system and fill the tank as needed.  We can either wait for your call and then come and service your system or you can participate in our Auto-fill program and we will come to your home on a scheduled basis and refill your tank before it is empty.  We will bill you for only the amount we use.  Either way, when we refill your tank, we will rinse the filter and check the  operation of the system. The other way to fill your tank is to do it yourself.  We can sell you the chemicals you need to fill the tank yourself.  We can arrange to deliver it to your home or have you pick it up at our warehouse.

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